Beauty and Its Beholder

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and while that’s true, it’s hard to argue with the perfection that is traditional African attire. There is no time of day or night when the mix between melanin and the rich colours of the mother continent is not a sight to behold:

Beauty. Severe beauty detected everywhere. Not a single eye left poor. These ladies showed out with different aspects of traditional African outfits, representing like real queens.

There’s been a shift in the world of late, where women with melanin everywhere are learning to embrace the intricacies of culture and tradition. Natural hair is being embraced like never before, and so is traditional clothing. I am here, there and everywhere for that because it’s about time we slay without apology. And what better way to slay than in the outfits our ancestors used to rock pre digital era?

Melanin rich folk, may this always be our potion, regardless of whether or not it will make a great pic for Instagram. Our kids need to understand the richness of their culture, the magic in being born with the ability to challenge the Yeezy Collection with one outfit.

Shout out to Irungu Art Photography because: he basically snatched all our edges with the click of his camera.

As you marinate in the glory of the checkered Maasai shuka and the regal kente designs, my prayer for you is much like Beyoncé’s: that you wake up like this: FLAWLESS.

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Originally from Kenya, Dee is an aspiring writer with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media Studies from the University of Adelaide. She is currently doing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

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