Introducing ‘Craving Yellow’

Tabitha Tongoi is the brain behind ‘Craving Yellow’ a niche hair, beauty and lifestyle blog. Tabitha’s passion and area of expertise is in natural haircare for young, black women. She also explores a variety of topics ranging from mental and emotional health and wellbeing, to self-portraiture and life in the African diaspora.

For Tabitha, yellow represents an insatiable craving for laughter, light and energy! She says, “Yellow reminds me of sunny beaches in Kenya…of sunrises and sunsets in Johannesburg…of sunflowers and daffodils at Oxford’s Covered Market…of Massachusetts’ lemon tarts and Thai curry…and of the ecstatic and electrifying vibes of my new hometown, Melbourne!”

Tabitha’s buoyant creative direction is inspired by her unique lived experiences. Tabitha left her home country, Kenya, at the age of 17, and in the 7 years since, has lived in and studied at African Leadership Academy in South Africa, Williams College USA and Oxford University in England. She recently moved to Australia, where she is pursuing a Masters Degree leading to a PhD.

Tabitha’s writing is candidly conversational yet polemically poetic. Her cheery and riveting articles on her favorite hair, beauty and lifestyle hacks are infused with Yellow – laughter, light and energy. Craving Yellow promotes and inspires a conscious, holistic, introspective, authentic, reflective and natural lifestyle. Her globe-trotting experience adds a distinct flavor to her content and outlook, while grounding her as a multicultural icon capable of resonating with an international audience.

Tabitha is fast-carving her spot as a force to reckon with in the black hair & beauty industry and we’re glad to have her as a contributing writer at Salt magazine!

Watch this space!


To see more of Tabitha’s work visit her website on

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