SA entrant wins Face of Africa Australia

South Australia’s Burundian born, Liesse Kezimana is the proud winner of the 2014 Face of Africa Australia contest held Saturday 27 September at Curtin Stadium in Perth Western Australia.

Against 14 African Australian entrants from across the nation, Liesse was adjudged the winner of the highly contested event which included contestants from Uganda, South Africa, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Liesse’s win secures her a one year contract as The Face of Africa Australia plus a photographic portfolio shoot and a cash prize, and she will be working closely with the Face of Africa Australia management team to promote her title in the fashion industry and through charitable activities.

As a full time student pursuing a degree in social science at the University of Adelaide, Liesse’s modelling started when she won the Miss Africa South Australia in 2011 and was awarded a contract with Tanya Powell Modelling Agency.

Liesse migrated to Australia in 2007 when she was just 14 years old, and she says her family and friends have been very supportive of her modelling. She wants to finish her studies then see where it may take her. Eventually she’d like to work with orphanage houses and help fight poverty in Africa.

The Face of Africa Australia project was established in July 2013 as a platform for African Australian fashion designers, stylists and artists to showcase their work. Event director Zimbabwean born Shumi Tsungu said she looks forward to making a difference in the African community through this project and hopes it will be an inspiration for African Australians to pursue their dreams.

SALT Magazine congratulates Liesse and the event organisers for their efforts to promote African Australians. We now await the anticipated 2014 Miss Africa South Australia contest scheduled for Saturday 25th October 2015.

See all the photos from the event on the Face of Africa Australia Facebook page

MAIN PHOTO: Megan King Photography

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