About Us - Salt Magazine

SALT Magazine is an African-Australian Community News Magazine, run by volunteers. It was created to provide print and online news and information on a broad range of issues of interest to the African community in Australia as well as to the wider general public.

Our main aim is to act as a platform for the voice of the new and emerging African Australian communities, providing an African perspective to Australian topics. We wish to highlight African refugee success stories and encourage community development by exploring the challenges faced by new arrivals.

SALT Magazine is a product of Sidique Bah’s initiative and passion. Sidique is a humanitarian entrant from Sierra Leone, and since his arrival to Australia in 2001, he has studied a Bachelor of Arts specialising in Multimedia studies at UniSA and held roles in both State and Federal Government offices. Sidique studied Journalism at Fourah Bay College in Freetown and worked for the Statesman Newspaper for a short time before the civil war reached boiling point in 1999. He fled Sierra Leone and sought refuge in neighbouring Guinea. Whilst in Guinea Sidique joined a group of fellow journalists from Sierra Leone who formed ASALJIE (Association of Sierra Leonean Journalists in Exile). It was together with this group that he was eventually given a chance to re-settle in Australia through the UNHCR.

Sidique strongly believes there is a need for this magazine for new and emerging communities, not only as a useful source of information for African-Australian communities in South Australia, but also as an outlet through which their stories can be told and shared.

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