Arrested Development still going strong

Arrested Development lead vocalist Speech proved himself a seasoned performer during his Womad concert in Adelaide. His crew delivered a rousing performance which was soulful, pure and full of energy. Fans went wild and all was let loose during their jam packed final performance.

SALT Magazine had a brief chat with Speech during Womad’s opening ceremony and asked him what music means to him and his advice to young African Australians artists in Australia.

Apart from being a form of expression Speech sees music as the one medium that reaches across all divides no matter what. “When you have all these various people in the world that don’t get along well with each other, you put music into the mix and it works, whereas if you talk politics or any other thing it doesn’t work.”

For aspiring African Australian artists Speech’s advice is that you should maintain your roots and bring your personal experience to the game. “If you are an African living in Australia something in your music should have a stamp of what you bring that is unique to you and don’t always copy everybody else, be you” he said.

As a long-time fan of Arrested Development it was awesome watching them perform live on stage. We wish them all the best and hope to see them again in Australia.

Salt Magazine was lucky to witness the magical moment when they dropped some freestyle vibes…

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