Misuse of Drivers’ Licenses in South Australia’s African Communities

Juma Abuyi, the African Liaison Officer in the Crime Prevention Section of SA Police, has written to leaders and members of African communities, expressing concern over the misuse of driver licenses in South Australia.

Salt Magazine contacted Juma for further information and permission to share the content of his communication.

A number of concerns regarding driver’s licenses and their misuse have been highlighted:

  • African community members have reported their license as missing only for Police to discover the license has been in use by another individual – in some instances the person using the license is known to the owner of the license.
  • Investigations have discovered that some people in the African community share a driving license – either for use when driving or as proof of age to enter night clubs.
  • Some individuals within the African community are importing fake driver’s licenses from Africa, claiming that they used it to drive in Africa.

Juma is warning all members of the community to safeguard their driver’s license – it is an important legal document, and any fines or offences recorded against the licence number become the personal responsibility and liability of the registered, official owner of that licence.

Misuse of licences is a grave offence and the penalties and fines that can be imposed will make life difficult for the offenders – both perpetrators and accomplices.

Salt Magazine acknowledges that the great majority of African community members are honest, law abiding citizens and it is hoped they will support Juma’s message and help to end the current misuse of licenses which reflects badly on all members of these communities.

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