Diompillor Kissia SA Inc to host national convention

African Australians from the Kissi tribe are officially launching ‘Diompillor Kissia SA Inc’ on Saturday 9th November 2013 during their national convention at the Slovenian Club South Australia.

The organisation aims to share its story and display cultural talents of its members in art and craft activities, traditional dance, and humour. Representatives from interstate will grace the occasion.

According to the Organisation chairman this is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of its members and contributing partners and raise some funds to support schools and hospitals around the Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia border areas.

The Kissi people can be found in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and are well known for making baskets and weaving on vertical looms. In past times they are also famous for their iron working skills, they produced the famous “Kissi penny”, an iron money that was used widely in West and even Central Africa.

This is an open event and members of the SA community are welcome to join in the celebration of dance, arts and craft.

WHEN: Saturday 9 November 2013 at 5.30pm
WHERE: Slovenian Club, 11 La Salle St, Dudley Park
ENTRY: Gold coin donation welcome

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