The Traveller

Travellers often claim that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Each individual person has their own reasons for travelling, be it for pleasure or for business. I have been passionate about travelling since I was very young, and have always presumed it is a part of who I am. During my travels, I generate my opinion on countries based on what it would be like for me, if I were a local. I don’t prefer to play favourites, but there have been countries that have stood out in my travels so far, and they include Canada, Montenegro, Croatia, Japan, Chile, the United States and Italy.

Obviously each country has something different to offer, be it culture, food, language, arts, infrastructure, and so on. Each trip offers a different experience, and all my travel experiences so far have been very pleasant (touch wood).

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Ethiopia, probably one of my favourite trips; and while I loved the experience, it does not mean I would love to live there as a local. I also have fond memories of my time in Botswana, but I did not necessarily fall in love with the country as much as I did with Canada.

I always try to visit somewhere new every time I travel. Very rarely do I visit a place I have been to before. It is so exciting and nerve-wracking to visit somewhere new, even a different city or town in the same country. No matter how much research you do (I have stopped doing that), you can never fully know what to expect.

Travelling to a new place is like going on a first date with someone you really fancy; it really is like a romance. You cannot wait to see and learn as much as you can. This is how it is for me.

The thrill of meeting new people is the most enlightening and exciting part of my travel experience. Meeting fellow travellers, locals and expats is by far my favourite part of travelling. They are what make the travel experience as best as it can possibly be.

I feel I am truly myself when I travel, and I really savour the thrill of eating different food; and, frankly, speaking of food, it actually tastes better in its country of origin than in restaurants that try to replicate the same experience and food. I used to mildly like Italian food in Italian restaurants around the world, but when I ate Italian food in Italy, it instantly became my favourite! Just as eating Japanese food in Japan is better. It is the same with any other country. It’s much more authentic and has more heart in it, so I found local food to be better than overseas food.

The thrill of experiencing new things is an addiction for me. and I have many things I want to try – like wingsuit base jumping, skiing on a proper mountain, sky diving, scuba diving, four wheel driving in the desert sand dunes, salsa dancing with a Latina woman, camping – and I look forward to sharing these experiences with readers of SALT Magazine.

SALT Magazine is an African-Australian Community News Magazine, created to provide print and online news and information on a broad range of issues of interest to the African community in Australia as well as to the wider general public. Our main aim is to act as a platform for the voice of the new and emerging African Australian communities, providing an African perspective to Australian topics. We wish to highlight African refugee success stories and encourage community development by exploring the challenges faced by new arrivals.

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