Swift Delivery and Removals

‘It was the dictionary meaning that I fell in love with,’ said 23 year old Daniel Mubake when asked about the inspiration for the name of his company.

‘I understand it to mean working fast but at a controlled pace. This is how I like to work. We don’t have time to waste as young people, as Africans’

At age 21, while studying Mining Management, the motivated University student began building what is now a dedicated team that makes up Swift Delivery and Removals.

Swift is an Adelaide based company that provides furniture relocation services. The team delivers furniture both locally and interstate with their main focus centering on maximum quality customer care at an affordable cost.

‘We measure the quality of our service depending on the response of customers, this is feedback based on punctuality or friendliness, it varies with each customer.’

‘We talk to them and try to find out what they perceive as good quality of service and try to make that happen.’

The company is about much more than just relocating furniture, the members of Swift’s team have a common desire to ensure that the company is one that works to both invest in and inspire a community.

‘We love to support our community which is why we want to sponsor community events. We also hope to give the community something they can be a part of. Give the kids opportunities because it can be hard for them to get into the workforce. It’s not a charity but it’s an opportunity,‘ said Daniel.

‘We grew up in countries where you have to support each other and I think that just comes with it. You have to connect with community, ’ said financial manager Brian Nijimbere.

There have been many challenges and unexpected setbacks but the team believes that perseverance is a must.

‘We have to look at the bigger picture and understand that sacrifices today will pay off,‘ said Tresor, the company’s Marketing Manager.

According to Daniel, the greatest challenge has been building a committed team and gaining support.

‘For me the hardest thing is selling the vision. Very few people can see something like this and see the potential in it.’

Upon celebrating Swift’s two year anniversary, the team can look back on their interstate endeavors, their presence at sponsored events such as the Miss Africa South Australia pageant and the Unmasked African Festival. However, perhaps one of the most treasured moments was the company’s first customer in January 2014.

‘I’ll never forget that client, they were great clients, they gave us a gift.’ Daniel said.

‘It was romantic. I’ve still got the gift.’


Manal is a Spoken Word Poet and activist of Eritrean origin who is currently completing her International Relations Degree at UniSA.

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