A Message From Jay Weatherill

Welcome to the first edition of SALT Magazine. As Premier of South Australia, I am delighted to have been invited to officially welcome readers to this magazine.

I believe that social harmony is born when diverse parts come together to form a pleasing whole.
It is important to encourage Australians from different backgrounds to come together so we can make our country an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

SALT magazine will give voice to the many emerging African Australian communities in Australia. It will also provide an avenue through which your stories can be shared and possibilities can be explored.

Contemporary South Australia is a product of a myriad of cultural, religious and linguistic influences. Together, we have built a civilised, harmonious and prosperous modern society. But we need to promote the value of the linguistic and cultural diversity that exists in our society.

This is a moment of abundant opportunity and we must work together to realise a better future for all Australians.

South Australia in particular needs to keep its eyes on the horizon if it is to realise its social and economic potential. We must continue to reach out to the world.

This outreach begins by strengthening our existing friendships and maximising our unique advantages. African communities in Australia are an invaluable source of experience and understanding and hold a vast network that can be used to link Australia to the African continent.

The emerging economies in Africa bring the promise of important opportunities for Australian companies. In South Australia, our Government is working to enhance our international relationships by building a broad based economic, institutional and cultural engagement.

I hope that this magazine will help promote the beauty of the respective African cultures, and can assist members of the community express their sense of joy obvious to anyone familiar with the different forms of African music, dance and sport.

South Australia has throughout its history benefited greatly from the many cultural groups that have contributed to the State’s ongoing development.

We have a diverse population and our future will to a large extent be defined by the successful fusion of these varied experiences, backgrounds and talents.

Magazines such as SALT provide an important platform from which the African Australian communities can express the strength and vitality of the many African cultures.

As Premier of South Australia, I would like to promote the positive contribution that Australians of African origin are making to South Australia.

SALT Magazine is an African-Australian Community News Magazine, created to provide print and online news and information on a broad range of issues of interest to the African community in Australia as well as to the wider general public. Our main aim is to act as a platform for the voice of the new and emerging African Australian communities, providing an African perspective to Australian topics. We wish to highlight African refugee success stories and encourage community development by exploring the challenges faced by new arrivals.

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