African Inspired Arts Exhibition at Mama Jambo Café in Adelaide

Cameroonian Born award winning artist Shiri Achu will be displaying her myriads of intricate designs during her 37InPrint arts exhibition tour, 14th of July 2016 at Mama Jambo Café, in Adelaide, South Australia.

The eternal optimist, Shiri sees beauty in almost anything and everything. Her bold, dramatic and uncompromising art explores the contrasting and contradictory side to her ‘Beautiful’ World.

Shiri’s art showcase the culture of Cameroon and other African countries worldwide. It is the beautiful simplicity in the African culture that she tries to project into the western world. Since her first solo exhibition in London few years ago, she has exhibited her gripping and engaging prints in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Washington DC and Las Vegas.

Her Adelaide exhibition follows ‘35InPrint: London’ which took place April 2014 at the Strand Gallery in central London and ‘36InPrint: DC’ which took place May 2016 at Gallery A in Central Washington DC.

SHIRI ACHUThe ’37InPrint: Adelaide’ Exhibition will largely consist of 37 framed signed limited edition of Shiri Achu’s Art Prints. Attendees will be able to purchase these limited edition signed prints and during the Opening/Private view on Thursday 14th July, there will be live music from the fabulous Moore Black & The Organic Roots.

During this Exhibition Shiri will be holding a raffle of an original painting ‘Midnight Tradition’, Some of the proceeds will go to help in the completion of construction works in ‘Santa’ village (North West Province) in Cameroon, particularly roofing the village Sunday School building.

To purchase tickets go to:

You can also follow Shiri and her work on Facebook.

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