My Journey

By Connie Fiala Mmadike

On soft green grass
And harsh roads I’ve trod
Tripping and falling
But on I plod

I’ve seen them tame
I’ve seen them meek
I’ve seen the dangers that some seek

I’ve seen cats curled up and bask in the sun
I’ve learnt to walk through my life, not run

Old cars, spicy food, slept in houses so grand
Bringing souvenirs in my mind, not many in my hand

I’ve been to the Mediterranean
And looked out to that Sea
Learnt languages, crossed borders
My passport set me free

I’ve lived in Bonnie Scotland
I’ve looked for Nessie in that Loch
So much fun I had along the way
How I’d love to turn back the clock

My journey now is different
Still learning along the way
Admiring this tapestry I weaved
It will never, ever fray

From the author

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved the Arts. But being the passionate Pisces and proverbial dreamer that I am, Poetry beckoned!

Not too long ago, I published a collection of my short poems in a book titled ‘the Wrongs and The Write’

The public feedback has given me the creative confidence to not only continue to write, but also look at publishing some of my other work.

My family named me Zingara (Gypsy) from a very young age… unbeknown to us all that travel would play an integral role in my life.It was whilst living  in Europe 17 years ago that I met my Nigerian husband. Today we live in the multicultural western suburbs with our 3 beautiful daughters.

You can purchase Connie’s book ‘the Wrongs and The Write’ at the following locations:

Dymocks Books – 55 Jetty Road, Glenelg
Stylehaus Boutique – 58 Henley Beach Road, Mile End.
Empress Homewares – 109 King William Road, Hyde Park
Garden Party – 432 Fullarton Road, Myrtle Bank
Forza Continental – 133 Holbrooks Road, Underdale.
My House and Home – 151 King William Road, Hyde Park

PHOTO: Caroline Granycome

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