The importance of writing

Please let me tell you about my new found interest in writing! Just recently I came across a quote by E. L. Doctorow, an American author, known internationally for his unique works of historical fiction. He said – “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”.

This quote had stimulated my ambition for writing, and stirred my head into action.

I had thoughts of writing my first ever article for SALT Magazine after approaching them some time ago asking if they had any writing opportunities. Now let me say, I know nothing about writing articles for magazines…. but I am up for a challenge, ready to explore, to learn along the way and, hopefully, to start tearing trails through investigative journalism by researching and writing on social issues.

So…. just how important is writing in an individual’s life? Some people may think this question ludicrous , but many, many others have found and embraced writing and have discovered its importance for sharing their thoughts and ideas as well as to record dates, notes, and personal goals and aspirations through their own secret diaries and notes.

We are reminded by the quote that writing is about discovery – mostly discovering how to express one’s own thoughts and views. That is why I wish to write articles for SALT Magazine – the attraction of sharing my views is irresistible. Therefore, I call upon young persons who are interested in writing, to help to promote and progress African viewpoints into the Australian public eye by sharing your thoughts too, in magazines such as this one.

Through writing we can reach and express ourselves to many people….we can tell them what we know, who we are and what we believe; or we can use our imaginations to take the readers on our own flights of fancy into make-believe worlds and societies.

Chimamanda Ngozi the Nigerian writer said, “I can write with authority only about what I know well, which means that I end up using surface details of my own life in my fiction”.

So use the opportunity SALT Magazine offers – showcase your writing skills – tell the world who we are.

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