Burundi Wins South Australia’s 2014 African Nations Cup Tournament

After two years unsuccessfully competing in the African Nations Cup finals, the Burundian Soccer team finally tasted victory by defeating the Sierra Leone Soccer Team 3-0 at the Adelaide Shores Stadium on 26th October 2014.

The South African team took third position with a 3-2 win against defending champions South Sudan.

The tournament, organised by the African communities Council of SA together with the Football Federation of South Australia, was very well attended during the preliminary rounds and especially for the final. Tournament trophies and medals were presented by Mr Mabok Deng Marial, Chairman of the African Communities Council of SA and Grace Portolesi, Chairperson of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Mabok made a point of saying that all participants were winners for taking part in the tournament and representing their countries of origin, and thanked SALT Magazine for its ongoing support.

Paying thanks to the Football Federation, Mabok said, “Partnering with Football Federation SA to host the tournament has added value to the game and is setting the pace for improvement in soccer for the future generation of African Australian kids who are passionate about soccer. “We invite coaches from first division teams to attend the tournament and scout for potential players and that’s why I want the game to be organised professionally so that the boys will have the opportunity to play in a professional environment increasing their level of play and chances of getting in to the major league”.

Between fending off well-wishers and receiving congratulations, Burundian team captain Thierry Hatungimana said “Finally we won the game after three years being in the finals and getting knocked out. Finally we get the trophy and the medals. Finally all our hard training has paid off.”

SALT Magazine congratulates all participating teams and hopes to see some of these players representing Australia in international soccer sometime in the not too distant near future.

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