My Sister’s Keeper: No Woman Left Behind

Though at a very young and vulnerable stage, My Sister’s Keeper is a newly formed community organisation which is here to stay.

The aim of the group is to empower women through, and by providing, spiritual and emotional comfort – ensuring the very thread that binds women of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, is constantly strengthened and reinforced through communication networks, common purpose and support.

The concept of My Sister’s Keeper occurred as a result of a sad bereavement  in the South Australian Kenyan communities.

In March 2014, a great loss was suffered when a beautiful young soul – a sister, a daughter, and a friend – passed away in extremely tragic circumstances. Her passing left an aching, resounding emptiness in the community, sparking thoughts about the need to reach out to each other, to create bonds to help  withstand the inevitable, deep felt loss and to overcome the cruel grief of losing a loved one in a foreign country, many miles from home, far from the strength of families’ support.

During the memorial for their beautiful departed, a united idea was born amongst a group of her community sisters –  create a forum for all women regardless of creed, religion, race or background – and, just as a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, so did the bittersweet metamorphosis of the idea begin.

A few days after the memorial, the formation group of ladies met until the early hours of the morning, grappling with the mission to ensure that the doors of communication never again could close on any woman in need.

And so was formed My Sister’s Keeper, which hopes to spread the message to all women that, together, they are bigger than any problem an individual may face, living by their mantra – a problem shared is a problem solved.

My Sister’s Keeper remains in its formative stages, so far without  a permanent address, structure or funding…..but the mission is clear.

Anyone who is interested in contacting them to join or to help with setting up or who wants further information or support, is encouraged to contact them at

SALT Magazine will keep you informed of the progress of this very commendable community group, a group of women who saw and recognised a need and have taken action to fill that need.

Originally from Kenya, Dee is an aspiring writer with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media Studies from the University of Adelaide. She is currently doing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

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