2015 Resolution

Seeing as I have no idea about the appropriate time to quash this salutation, I choose to live on the edge and say, Happy New Year everyone!!

Considering the internet is brimming with revised versions of New Year’s Resolutions, quotes, life analyses, renewed gym memberships and the like, I will spare you all the New Year advice and instead hope that we all just appreciate that despite everything that happened in 2014, we are here.

My thing for this year is simple: Choose Happy.

Yes, it really is that easy. I am the type of person who will probably die laughing. I laugh when I am not supposed to laugh. And those who know me well, know how much my laugh can betray me. I can’t hide from it. Sometimes I have laughed until my ribs beg me to stop. Other times, while trying to stifle a bout of laughter, I have released other sounds that I most certainly did not intend on releasing, and this has most probably caused me to laugh more, depending on the state of my hormones.

Most of the time, I laugh, just because. The most delicious of all laughs, unfortunately, is when the universe conspires and aligns certain events that in theory are not funny, but which make me and those around me literally cry with laughter, head thrown back, release kind of laughter.  All of us have that person or group of people, where words do not need to be exchanged to elicit this type of laughter.

I laugh a lot, and if I didn’t, I honestly don’t know where I would be. I have people in my life who laugh even before I have done anything, all because they are all too aware of the universe and its dangerous conspiracies against me. My vertical position can change to horizontal real quick, and my toes have experienced more abuse on the corners of abstract furniture than I care to remember.

One night, a group of friends and I were out doing the customary food run after a night out. My inebriation decided it would be a good idea to shout, “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” at a guy sitting by a fence nearby, after which his inebriation deposited him backward into a small bush below him. Now, I know, I know, poor guy. But for the life of me, every time I think about that, I explode into a fit of laughter. Every time!

Choose happy because, life. There are too many disasters in the world, too many reasons to do anything but smile, let alone laugh. I challenge you, to adopt the carefree attitude of a toddler, and laugh loud and free. Giggle your little heart out, at anything.

Laugh, especially at yourself. Laugh because either way, whatever will be, will be. So, laugh.

Originally from Kenya, Dee is an aspiring writer with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media Studies from the University of Adelaide. She is currently doing a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

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