Brisbane celebrates Africa Day Festival

This year, families, communities and people from diverse backgrounds gathered for the Africa Day festival on 31 May 2015. Having over 1,000 attendees in previous years, the turn-out was just as wonderful this year. People came together to celebrate the birth of our motherland in all its beauty, from the diverse range of costumes to the wide variety of performances, while being treated to delicious food!

If you weren’t in Brisbane for the festival this year, then you clearly missed out! The Queensland African Communities Council (QACC) went above and beyond to organise the spectacular event.

The Festival also showcased African art and clothing in colourful market stalls, and showing off fantastic African products and boutique businesses. There were workshops on African drumming and joyful rhythms of Afro-pop throughout the day, performed by artists like Afro Reggae Souljah and Afromoses.

I attended the parade on behalf of SALT Magazine, and spoke to a few people about what the day means to them. Most stated that it was a way of connecting with the motherland once again. They felt that being able to come together and represent the different backgrounds in Africa through performances, food and dance was a privilege to them.

Sharon Orapeleng (former QACC President) added: “The celebration of Africa Day is crucial for all Africans, including those in diaspora, because it’s a day that reminds us of the things that unify us. A day to reflect on the journey of the continent of Africa and its people. To promote our unity and solidarity, and revel in our diversity. 2015 celebrations of Africa Day around the world have been held under the theme of ‘2015 and Beyond: Engaging Agenda 2063’ which highlights the approach by the African Union to get the continent, the people and governments to focus on the development of Africa that focuses on effectively learning from the lessons of the past, building on the progress and strategically exploiting all possible opportunities available to a transformational Africa within the next 50 years. This is a crucial mandate for all Africans to engage in, and Africa Day celebrations is one avenue to engage in this discussion.”

Wise words from Sharon. The day was definitely a success! Kudos to QACC!




Congolese-born Patience is an MC, youth advocate and journalism student who loves to share her experiences through writing.

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